Through our sophisticated production process and our professional staff we can guarantee top quality. We harvest our roses 7 days a week, twice a day. This means that all the roses have the same maturity.

Sorted by quality

Once the roses are harvested, they are immediately cooled to stop the ripening process. Following this we sort the roses by stem length, bud size, maturity and other quality factors. The roses are automatically packed in bundles of 20, wrapped in our foil and placed in containers of water. The roses are cooled throughout the entire production process.

The roses are then sold on the next available auction day. This guarantees that our roses are 100% fresh, which means that only the best roses are offered to our customers throughout Europe. By working closely with exporters, our roses are sold in the wholesale markets within 24 hours of processing.


The durability of our roses is one of the key quality factors that we pay close attention to at Voorn Roses. We ensure that our roses keep well for wholesalers and florists and we want our customers to be able to enjoy our roses for as long as possible. Each week we test our own roses on their durability as well as biweekly with an external partner.

Quality guarantee

Every day we strive to deliver a highly reliable product. If unfortunately you are not satisfied with the quality of our roses, we will work with you to find a solution.


To stimulate sales of our roses further, Voorn Roses would be happy to arrange a consultation with the relevant exporter, wholesaler and/or florist in order to set up a promotional campaign. Interested in receiving promotional material? Please contact us.