Exporters, wholesalers & florists


We sell our Grand Prix roses via Royal Flora Holland. Our roses are auctioned every auction day at the 2 locations of Royal Flora Holland.

  • Aalsmeer: Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri.
  • Eelde: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.

Direct sale

Want to be assured of getting our Grand Prix roses? It is also possible to order from us directly. We deliver daily to all locations of Royal Flora Holland. If our standard packaging does meet your needs, we can customize your delivery.

Trading platform and webshop link

We want to use all outlets possible to offer our roses to you. You can find our products also at Flora Mondo, the online trading platform of Royal Flora Holland.

It is also possible to link your webshop with the trading platform that we use. This means our roses can be offered directly to your customers. Linking your shop with us extended the time of sale and reduce your inventory risk. Please inquire about the possibilities.

Flower Support

For direct sale of our roses, we work with Flower Support. Flower Support supports rose nurseries in the areas of quality, sales and marketing.

For questions or orders please contact us:

Rob Meijdam (Flower Support)
Tel: 06-23294105

Frank Voorn (Voorn roses)
Tel: 06-11262132
E-mail: verkoop@voornrozen.nl