Corporate Social Responsibility

We consider our surroundings and the environment in everything we do. Because we find this an important aspect of our business, we have included some information about our sustainable practices.


To grow very high quality roses year round we need light and warmth. With our CHP installation we generate our own electricity for the lighting for our roses. As heat and CO2 are released, the heat is used to warm the greenhouse and the CO2 is dispensed into the greenhouse to stimulate growth. In this way we make the most of the energy. Besides efficiency, we are constantly looking to reduce the amount of energy per unit of product.


Roses need lots of water with fertilizers to grow optimally. The rainwater that falls on our greenhouse is collected and used for watering. Each rose bush has its own connection with which it gets water and the water that is not used by the roses is also collected and used again after it is purified. This means that we can save water and fertilizer. Moreover, we always ensure that they are not released into the environment.

Crop protection

We combat diseases and pests using natural pest control agents and other environmentally friendly pest control as much as possible in order to limit the use of pesticides. We are continuously looking for new and better pest control methods so as not to burden the environment.