About us

Voorn Roses was founded in 1986 by Goof and Jopie Voorn. They started with 11,000 m2 of small-flowered roses on the Bloemenweg in Luttelgeest.

The business then grew quickly as assimilation lighting was used and the greenhouse was expanded to 24,000 m2. There was also a switch to growing large-flowered roses. Processes were continuously improved with quality as one of the spearheads.

2nd generation

In 2004, the 2nd generation (Frank) took over the company and, in 2005, a new hypermodern nursery was built that covered 25.000 m2 on the Lindeweg in Luttelgeest. This is where the Grand Prix cultivar was planted in 2016.

Better quality

In 2011, the greenhouse on the Bloemenweg was converted in order to transition from rose cultivation to the cultivation of vegetable seeds. In addition, the location on the Lindeweg was given an increase in light level in 2015 to more than 15,000 lux. This meant that the stem of the Grand Prix rose would have an even higher quality.

Mission and vision

At Voorn Roses we focus 100% on quality and we strive to provide the finest Grand Prix roses. This focus is reflected in all aspects of the management of our business and leads to a continuous improvement of our product and the organization.